Tuesday, 2 October 2012

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Brittany Kerr APOLOGIZES for Jason Aldean Hookup -- 'Lapse in Judgment'

Posted: 02 Oct 2012 01:00 AM PDT

Brittany Kerr has issued an apology for getting up close and personal with married country singer Jason Aldean ... chalking the whole thing up to a "lapse in judgment."The former "American Idol" contestant says, "The actions I portrayed recently…

Michael Vick -- I've Spent $29 MILLION In Four Years

Posted: 02 Oct 2012 12:50 AM PDT

Michael Vick has blown through nearly $30 million since filing for bankruptcy in 2008 -- nearly 95% of his total income -- TMZ has learned.According to legal docs filed in his bankruptcy case, Vick made $31 million since he went belly up -- that…

Kennedy Family Mecca Sells Out Schwarzenegger Bio

Posted: 02 Oct 2012 12:40 AM PDT

It's the unkindest cut of all for the Kennedy clan -- after Maria was betrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, the philanderer is cashing in big on the Kennedy's home turf.We did some digging ... and found out the Hyannis Port residents care deeply about…

WWE Star Shawn Daivari -- Chokes A Guy Out In Epic Train Rescue

Posted: 02 Oct 2012 12:30 AM PDT

Former WWE Star Shawn Daivari says he used a REAR NAKED CHOKE HOLD to save a train full of people last week ... after an unruly passenger allegedly threatened to kill them. TMZ spoke to Daivari ... who says the incident went down last Thursday on an…

Octomom -- I'm Moving To A New House ... For Reals This Time

Posted: 02 Oct 2012 12:15 AM PDT

After several failed attempts to put a roof over her head -- Octomom is FINALLY moving her brood into a new house ... and TMZ has the pics to prove it. TMZ obtained photos of Octo taken Sunday -- packing up all her crap and hauling her 14 kids to a…

'Honey Boo Boo' Family -- Room For One More Redneck?

Posted: 02 Oct 2012 12:02 AM PDT

The 'Honey Boo Boo' clan may seem unsophisticated -- but after their financial coup ... they've actually got Harv rethinking the whole redneck thing. Anyone smell a Season 2 storyline?Check out TMZ on TV -- click here to see your local listings!

'Steel Magnolias' Producer -- Lifetime Remake is Ripping Me Off

Posted: 01 Oct 2012 06:10 PM PDT

The woman who produced the disgustingly sappy tearjerker, "Steel Magnolias" ... is suing over the upcoming Lifetime TV remake of the film -- claiming she's not getting the credit or the cash she deserves.Victoria L. White -- executive producer of…

Sheryl Crow -- All I Wanna Do ... Is Sell My Mansion For $16 Million

Posted: 01 Oct 2012 05:40 PM PDT

Sheryl Crow is unloading her rustic, Hollywood Hills estate for $16 million ... but there's a bright side to the hefty price-tag -- the property comes with not one ... but THREE HOUSES!!!The 11 acre compound is listed for a cool $15,950,000 -- and…

'Joe Millionaire' -- I Crushed More Ass BEFORE I Got Famous

Posted: 01 Oct 2012 05:35 PM PDT

Money and fame doesn't always lead to bangin' more chicks ... at least according to "Joe Millionaire" Evan Marriott ... who tells TMZ he used to get laid more frequently BEFORE he became a celebrity. The former reality TV superstar -- now…

'Two & a Half Men' Star Melanie Lynskey Files for Divorce from 'Always Sunny' Actor

Posted: 01 Oct 2012 04:45 PM PDT

"Two and a Half Men" star Melanie Lynskey -- who plays the neighbor Rose on the show -- has filed for divorce from her "Always Sunny in Philadelphia" star husband Jimmi Simpson, TMZ has learned.Melanie filed the docs on September 25th in L.A. County…

Lil Scrappy -- ARRESTED in Atlanta

Posted: 01 Oct 2012 04:17 PM PDT

Rapper Lil Scrappy -- the guy behind the 2006 hit "Money in the Bank" -- was arrested in Atlanta, Georgia earlier today for violating his probation ... TMZ has learned. TMZ obtained photos of the 28-year-old rapper being taken into custody on the…

Bautista's 1st MMA Opponent REPLACED -- Arrested Week Before Fight

Posted: 01 Oct 2012 03:55 PM PDT

Bautista's very first professional MMA fight was nearly scrapped this week when his opponent was arrested for a probation violation ... but TMZ has learned organizers have dug up a replacement fighter just in the nick of time. The fight has been in…

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry -- (Temporary) Truce at the Pumpkin Patch

Posted: 01 Oct 2012 03:15 PM PDT

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry have apparently put their custody war on hold ... to honor the sacred tradition of Halloween pumpkin carving. The two were spotted at a pumpkin patch in Moorpark, CA today -- with Halle walking Nahla around the grounds…

Gunplay -- Rapper Says He Wants to KILL 50 Cent

Posted: 01 Oct 2012 02:40 PM PDT

Gunplay says he absolutely DID NOT fire a gun at the BET Awards ... but claims he DID beat up a member of 50 Cent's entourage ... and says he wants to "kill" everyone in the G-Unit crew. Gunplay -- a rapper who's signed to Def Jam -- just…

Mena Suvari -- Officially Divorced

Posted: 01 Oct 2012 01:45 PM PDT

Mena Suvari is officially back on the market people... 'cause her divorce to concert promoter Simone Sestito has just been finalized. TMZ broke the story ... the 33-year-old "American Beauty" actress filed papers to axe her marriage back in January…

Jason Aldean's Drunken Walk of Shame ... Caught on Tape

Posted: 01 Oct 2012 12:25 PM PDT

Jason Aldean wasn't lying ... the married country star WAS a drunken mess on that night he macked on "American Idol" contestant Brittany Kerr ... and TMZ has the video that proves it. We shot the footage last week ... showing Aldean and some of…

TMZ Live: Arnold Schwarzenegger -- 60 Minutes ... of Delusion

Posted: 01 Oct 2012 12:00 PM PDT

Arnold Schwarzenegger claims Maria Shriver knew about his infidelities ... but that's a load of BS, according to our sources. So, the big question: did Ahnald finally sink his reputation, permanently, with that puzzling "60 Mintues"…

Kelsey Grammer -- Piers Morgan's Ban Is IRRELEVANT

Posted: 01 Oct 2012 11:25 AM PDT

Kelsey Grammer DOESN'T GIVE A CRAP about his lifetime ban from the Piers Morgan show ... telling TMZ the CNN host is so irrelevant, it's not worth his time to be upset. We broke the story ... Kelsey became persona non grata at Morgan's show…

Brittany Kerr Shuts Down Twitter Page -- 'Whore, Skank, Homewrecker'

Posted: 01 Oct 2012 10:30 AM PDT

Former "American Idol" contestant Brittany Kerr has shut down her Twitter page ... after a gang of angry Jason Aldean fans BLASTED the singer online -- calling her everything from a "skank" to a "homewrecking whore."The cyber-hate came flooding in…

Honey Boo Boo Experiments with Coke

Posted: 01 Oct 2012 10:22 AM PDT

Honey Boo Boo overcame a real bad coke problem this weekend -- barely surviving a special taste test at the Coca-Cola factory in Atlanta ... that nearly made her puke her brains out.7-year-old Alana "HBB" Thompson visited the Coke factory with…

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