Tuesday, 25 September 2012

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Lil Wayne Deposition -- Short on Memory ... but HILARIOUS!

Posted: 25 Sep 2012 01:00 AM PDT

It's the most entertaining legal proceeding -- possibly ever!  In a videotaped deposition ... Lil Wayne -- who is suing Quincy Jones III over a documentary about him -- says he can't remember ANYTHING -- but what he DOES remember is…

Wiz Khalifa -- Classic Car WRECKAGE in Alleged Hit-n-Run

Posted: 25 Sep 2012 12:50 AM PDT

Wiz Khalifa's beautiful blue 1969 Chevy Chevelle was MANGLED in an alleged hit-and-run crash last week ... and TMZ has the heart-breaking photos. We broke the story ... the LAPD launched an investigation after a woman filed a report claiming the…

Justin Bieber: Sean Kingston's A Liar -- I Didn't Gift Him My Car!

Posted: 25 Sep 2012 12:40 AM PDT

Sean Kingston is LYING through his pearly white teeth ... 'cause Justin Bieber DID NOT "gift" him his customized Fisker Karma ... TMZ has learned. Kingston began the charade in front of Boa this weekend ... when he rolled up to the steak joint in…

Lindsay Lohan -- Stressful Arrest Caused Pain Beneath My Breasts

Posted: 25 Sep 2012 12:30 AM PDT

Lindsay Lohan believes getting arrested is bad for her health ... 'cause she's telling friends the stress from her NYC bust aggravated her pre-existing pneumonia so badly, she had to be hospitalized. We broke the story .. Lohan was rushed to the…

'The Lone Ranger' -- Government Org. Investigating Death On Set

Posted: 25 Sep 2012 12:20 AM PDT

An investigation has been launched into the shocking death of a crew member on the set of "The Lone Ranger" ... with a government agency vowing to leave no stone unturned until it discovers the truth. TMZ broke the story ... a welder/water safety…

Rampage Jackson -- I Was Named After a VIOLENT Video Game

Posted: 25 Sep 2012 12:10 AM PDT

For the first time ever -- that we can find -- Quinton "Rampage" Jackson has revealed how he got his legendary nickname ... and it all stems from a violent 8-bit gorilla.  The former UFC champ says his cousin coined his famous moniker after…

Sofia Vergara -- Emmy Winning BOOTY SHAKE

Posted: 25 Sep 2012 12:02 AM PDT

If Sophia Vergara is going to celebrate every victory by shaking her lady parts, and busting out of dresses -- let's give her all the damn trophies she wants! Emmys, Oscars, Golden Globes, Tonys, Stanley Cups ...Check out TMZ on TV -- click here to…

Game Show Contestants Sue -- You SCREWED US on $580k Question

Posted: 24 Sep 2012 05:35 PM PDT

Question: What is the most common computer password? A) PasswordB) 123456C) I Love YouAnswer: Depends on who you ask ... because two former game show contestants are now suing the people behind "Million Dollar Money Drop" claiming they guessed…

Chris Brown Fails Drug Test in Rihanna Case

Posted: 24 Sep 2012 04:40 PM PDT

Chris Brown tested positive for marijuana recently in Virginia, where smoking weed is illegal, but the judge said she would NOT revoke his probation.Chris was just in court for a probation progress report hearing in his felony battery of Rihanna --…

Kanye West Sex Tape -- The Long and Short of It

Posted: 24 Sep 2012 04:10 PM PDT

Kanye West has 2 sex tapes floating around, and while everyone's obsessed with the length -- of the videos -- not everyone is impressed. Or at least they won't admit it. Check out TMZ on TV -- click here to see your local listings!

Kim Kardashian -- Big Booty Cover-Up in Miami Beach

Posted: 24 Sep 2012 03:55 PM PDT

Kim Kardashian did the most unthinkable thing on the beach in Miami on Monday ... she wore a bathing suit ... but covered up her amazing badonkadonk.Rockin' a sexy one piece suit that perfectly accentuated her gorgeous girls and tightly cinched her…

Justin Timberlake -- The Cracked Out Bachelor Party Weekend

Posted: 24 Sep 2012 02:45 PM PDT

Justin Timberlake refused to make a complete ass out of himself during his bachelor party weekend in Cabo San Lucas this weekend ... only going "partial crack" while his pals flashed some full moons at the paparazzi. Prior to flashing their…

Lindsay Lohan Rushed to Hospital with Lung Infection

Posted: 24 Sep 2012 01:43 PM PDT

Lindsay Lohan was rushed to the emergency room in NYC last night ... and sources connected to the actress tell us she's suffering from a bad lung infection. Lindsay has been telling friends she's been dealing with a bad case of "walking pneumonia"…

Chicago Hockey Legend Chris Chelios BURNS Jay Cutler Jersey [VIDEO]

Posted: 24 Sep 2012 01:40 PM PDT

Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler might officially be the most hated man in the Windy City -- because last night, one of Chicago's most storied sports legends turned his back on the guy ... TORCHING Cutler's jersey inside a bar.The video was shot inside…

NFL Star Torrey Smith -- Stellar Game Helped Family Grieve

Posted: 24 Sep 2012 12:08 PM PDT

Torrey Smith's family is incredibly proud of the way the NFL star played in last night's Ravens vs. Patriots game ... telling TMZ, his performance was the ultimate tribute to his younger brother, who died just hours before Torrey took the field. We…

U.S. Marines Charged for Urinating on Taliban Corpses

Posted: 24 Sep 2012 11:10 AM PDT

Two U.S. Marines have been charged in connection with a video TMZ posted, showing at least two American soldiers urinating on the corpses of deceased Taliban fighters, TMZ has learned ... and the men are also facing allegations involving a grenade…

TMZ Live: Model Maggie Rizer's Dog Dies in Flight ... Who's to Blame?

Posted: 24 Sep 2012 11:00 AM PDT

Model Maggie Rizer's golden retriever died during a cross-country flight -- which is sad enough -- but what really doesn't add up is United Airlines' response. Maggie called in to explain why she's on a crusade against the airline ... and it ain't…

'Sunday Night Football' -- FCC Will NOT Punish NBC for Airing 'Bullsh*t' Chant

Posted: 24 Sep 2012 11:00 AM PDT

The FCC will not punish NBC for failing to cut the audio of a massive "bullsh*t" stadium chant that made it on the air during last night's Ravens vs. Patriots match up. As we previously reported, the crowd in Baltimore erupted in a booming BS chant…

Sheriff's Dept. Spokesman RIPS Fiona Apple -- 'Just Shut Up and Sing'

Posted: 24 Sep 2012 10:35 AM PDT

Fiona Apple is an ignorant fool who should stop criticizing law enforcement and "just shut up and sing" ... this according to the spokesman for the Hudspeth County Sheriff's Dept. HCSD Public Information Officer Rusty Fleming is firing back at the…

Flavor Flav to Miley Cyrus -- Nice to Meet You ... GWEN STEFANI

Posted: 24 Sep 2012 10:00 AM PDT

And this week's painfully cringeworthy award goes to ... FLAVOR FLAV ... who met Miley Cyrus backstage at the iHeartRadio Music Festival and was convinced she was GWEN STEFANI. The video was shot Friday night in Vegas -- showing…

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