Wednesday, 8 August 2012

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Kim Kardashian -- I'm Honored to Be The Perfect Bitch

Posted: 08 Aug 2012 01:00 AM PDT

Kim Kardashian is thrilled to be the inspiration for Kanye West's new song, "Perfect Bitch" ... TMZ has learned.Kim is telling friends, "I'm honored.  I love it," adding, "I know he doesn't mean it in a negative way when he says the word…

Ex-WWE Talent BUSTED -- Engaged to TWO Women ... at the Same Time

Posted: 08 Aug 2012 12:50 AM PDT

Andy Slocum's week has gone from bad to worse ... 'cause AFTER the former WWE talent was accused of beating his fiancee Rosa Mendes in Vegas ...his OTHER fiancee in Texas dumped his two-timing ass ... TMZ has learned. We broke the story ...…

Joan Rivers HANDCUFFS Herself to Shopping Cart in Anti-Costco Protest

Posted: 08 Aug 2012 12:40 AM PDT

Cops were called to an L.A. Costco yesterday -- after comedian Joan Rivers HANDCUFFED herself to a shopping cart during a one-woman protest against the wholesale store ... comparing the place to "Nazi Germany" ... and we got video of the entire…

Usain Bolt -- Smoking the Competition ... in Cali Weed Shops

Posted: 08 Aug 2012 12:30 AM PDT

Potheads have a new reason to cheer for Usain Bolt ... besides the whole Jamaica thing ... TMZ has learned California weed shops are now selling a strain of weed named after the fastest man on the planet. What an honor!! Our well-informed, and…

Kelly Clarkson & The Fray -- Throw Down $$$ to Help Injured Stagehand

Posted: 08 Aug 2012 12:15 AM PDT

See, celebrities DO care ... especially Kelly Clarkson and The Fray -- who went into their own pockets to help cover medical bills for a stagehand who suffered a stroke while working on their tour. It all went down in Phoenix, AZ on August 1 ...…

Johnny Depp and Aerosmith -- The Ultimate Boys Night Out

Posted: 08 Aug 2012 12:05 AM PDT

Johnny Depp's sexy bits have been off the market for 14 years -- so it's no surprise they got top billing at the Aerosmith after party in L.A.. Who wants some??

Jennifer Lopez Files $20 Million Extortion Lawsuit

Posted: 07 Aug 2012 04:37 PM PDT

Jennifer Lopez has sued her former driver for extortion, claiming he demanded $2.8 million or else he'd tell the media and authorities about secrets he overheard while driving her here and there.Jennifer's case is a countersuit to a claim filed by…

Sherman Hemsley Died from Lung Cancer

Posted: 07 Aug 2012 04:14 PM PDT

Sherman Hemsley -- the actor famous for playing George Jefferson on "The Jeffersons" -- died as a result of a cancerous mass on his lung ... this according to the El Paso County Texas Medical Examiner.According to the Postmortem Report, obtained by…

Rupert Sanders and Wife -- REUNITED

Posted: 07 Aug 2012 03:28 PM PDT

Rupert Sanders -- the philandering director who cheated on his wife with Kristen Stewart -- finally came face-to-face with the woman he betrayed today ... right near a Beverly Hills deli. Cameras snapped away after Liberty Ross and Rupert outside…

Eva Longoria -- Dodges Trial ... In BMW Crash Lawsuit

Posted: 07 Aug 2012 03:07 PM PDT

Eva Longoria is one lawsuit lighter now ... the former "Desperate Housewives" actress settled a suit out of the courtroom with the guy she smashed her car into waaaay back in 2010. TMZ broke the story ... Roman Gasparyan filed a suit against…

Johnny Depp -- Single, Ready to Mingle ... at Pink Taco

Posted: 07 Aug 2012 03:00 PM PDT

A freshly-single Johnny Depp threw on some eyeliner and his finest pashmina last night ... and partied his face off with his boys from Aerosmith ... the first time we've seen the actor in public since announcing his split from Vanessa Paradis. Depp…

Ryan Lochte -- I Didn't Bang Around at the Olympics

Posted: 07 Aug 2012 02:10 PM PDT

Ryan Lochte insists ... he did NOT go on a lady-banging bender inside the athletes' village in London last week -- telling TMZ Live, he barely had enough time to sleep ... let alone sample the local fare (sexually).FYI -- the athletes' village at…

Michael Phelps' Girlfriend Megan Rossee -- Private Jet-Setting, Vegas-Hopping Hobnobber

Posted: 07 Aug 2012 12:30 PM PDT

Michael Phelps' hot cocktail waitress GF has been around the block -- in fact, she's been around the WORLD ... on private jets ... long before she ever met Phelps ... all because of her pretty face ... and TMZ has the pics to prove it.Sources tell…

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords -- Arizona Shooter Jared Loughner PLEADS GUILTY

Posted: 07 Aug 2012 12:00 PM PDT

Jared Loughner -- the guy who shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords -- has changed his plea to "guilty" after last year's Tucson, AZ shooting, in which he killed 6 people and injured 13 more ... and has agreed to spend SEVEN life sentences in prison. A plea…

Justin Bieber -- Prince William Should Be ASHAMED of His Thinning Hair

Posted: 07 Aug 2012 11:45 AM PDT

Justin Bieber clearly does not believe bald is beautiful ... in fact, the pop star thinks Prince William's thinning hairline is downright embarrassing. Bieber went after the Prince to Rollercoaster magazine, a U.K. publication ... after the Prince's…

Kanye West -- Kim Kardashian's My 'PERFECT BITCH'

Posted: 07 Aug 2012 11:11 AM PDT

Must be true love ... Kanye West just announced his new song "Perfect Bitch" is about his girlfriend Kim Kardashian.West debuted the track last weekend at a club in NYC -- and today, he took to Twitter to address rumors the song was written about…

TMZ Live: Ryan Lochte -- I Was BORN to Win 'Dancing with the Stars'

Posted: 07 Aug 2012 11:00 AM PDT

Olympic superstar Ryan Lochte says he was genetically-engineered to kick ass on "Dancing with the Stars" -- telling TMZ Live ... it's in his DNA to compete ... but that's just ONE of the many reasons he wants to do the show.And, think "midget…

Cameroon -- 7 Olympic Athletes VANISH

Posted: 07 Aug 2012 10:20 AM PDT

Seven Olympic athletes from Cameroon have mysteriously disappeared from the athletes' village in London ... in what appears to be an effort to abandon their home country and seek asylum in the UK.The head of mission for Team Cameroon said the…

TMZ's Team USA Olympic Fever Contest -- WINNER!

Posted: 07 Aug 2012 10:00 AM PDT

The tribe has spoken -- and the Patriotic Puppy picture took home the metaphoric gold in our Team USA Olympic Fan Photo Contest... scoring 250 AMERICAN dollars and some great gifts from TMZ!**CLICK HERE for contest rules and regulations!**

Liberty Ross -- Kristen Stewart's Lover's Wife ... NOT Wearing Wedding Ring

Posted: 07 Aug 2012 07:52 AM PDT

While her cheating husband has been seen still wearing his wedding ring after being caught having an affair with his "Snow White and the Huntsman" actress Kristen Stewart, director Rupert Sanders' wife Liberty Ross surfaced without her wedding ring…

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