Tuesday, 21 August 2012

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'American Idol' Judges NOT A Done Deal -- and Mariah Carey is PISSED

Posted: 21 Aug 2012 01:00 AM PDT

Nicki Minaj may well become a judge on "American Idol," but it will be at the expense of Mariah Carey, who we're told hung up the phone when she was told Nicki was the top candidate.Sources connected with "Idol" tell TMZ ... Mariah was led to…

Tony Scott -- Death Video Being Shopped

Posted: 21 Aug 2012 12:50 AM PDT

Tony Scott's fatal leap off an L.A. bridge was captured on tape by multiple cameras ... one showing Tony crouched the moment he began to jump ... and TMZ has learned the shots are being vigorously shopped around ... for a price.Multiple people…

PayPal Founder Elon Musk -- My Wife Gets JACK SQUAT in the Divorce

Posted: 21 Aug 2012 12:40 AM PDT

The woman who's divorcing PayPal founder Elon Musk is getting $4.2 million in their divorce ... which is great ... until you remember he's reportedly worth $680 MILLION.  TMZ has obtained the divorce docs filed in L.A. County Superior Court, in…

Kim Kardashian -- Dentist Is Drilling Me for Divorce Payout

Posted: 21 Aug 2012 12:30 AM PDT

A dentist is needling Kim Kardashian with a vengeance -- going after the reality star over a decade-old bill that was never paid ... but Kim says it's all BS.The dentist is some guy named Craig Gordon -- who obtained a judgment against Kim and…

Lauryn Hill -- Singer's Tax Problems Now $440,000 Worse

Posted: 21 Aug 2012 12:20 AM PDT

Lauryn Hill didn't just drop the ball on a $1.8 million tax bill from the federal government -- she also failed to pay $440,000 in taxes to the State of New Jersey ... so says the State of New Jersey.A civil judgment was entered against Hill on June…

Joel McHale vs. Ben Affleck: Who'd You Rather?

Posted: 21 Aug 2012 12:10 AM PDT

"The Soup" and "Community" funnyman hunk Joel McHale and golden tanned "Gigli" survivor turned acclaimed director Ben Affleck rubbed elbows at the same event in Santa Monica this weekend.Question is ...

Mike Tyson -- Sports Talk for Chicks

Posted: 21 Aug 2012 12:02 AM PDT

Mike Tyson versus Muhammad Ali ain't your typical hot topic for women, but what is typical is Harv getting schooled on sports -- by a chick. Awesome!Check out TMZ on TV -- click here to see your local listings!

Lindsay Lohan -- Questioned By Cops After Alleged Burglary

Posted: 20 Aug 2012 09:04 PM PDT

Lindsay Lohan was interviewed by police today regarding an apparent burglary at a Hollywood Hills home last night -- but Lindsay insists ... she had nothing to do with it.According to sources, Lindsay slept over at the home in question Sunday night…

Usher -- Held in Contempt for Canceling Ex's Saks Card

Posted: 20 Aug 2012 06:10 PM PDT

Usher just got bitch-slapped in court -- a judge has ordered him to REOPEN his ex-wife's Saks Fifth Avenue credit card in his name ... after the singer closed the account last year.The closed Saks card was just one of Tameka Raymond's many…

Tony Scott Suicide -- NO Brain Cancer

Posted: 20 Aug 2012 04:37 PM PDT

Tony Scott did NOT have inoperable brain cancer, or for that matter brain cancer at all  ... this according to Scott's family.TMZ has learned ... Scott's wife told investigators the rumor that Tony had inoperable brain cancer is "absolutely…

Joey Kovar Death -- 'Real World' Star Honored By Former Wrestling League

Posted: 20 Aug 2012 04:15 PM PDT

Joey Kovar dabbled in the world of professional wrestling before his unexpected death ... and this weekend, TMZ has learned his former colleagues honored his memory with an emotional tribute.  We broke the story ... Kovar joined up with Poww…

James Gandolfini -- Presidential Smackdown ... Abraham Lincoln versus George Washington

Posted: 20 Aug 2012 04:00 PM PDT

James Gandolfini tackled the mother of all political debates: Abraham Lincoln or George Washington ... who'd kick whose ass? Let the $1 bill versus $5 bill battle royale begin!Check out TMZ on TV -- click here to see your local listings!

MLB Star Chris Perez -- I'm Sorry for Cussing Out Fan

Posted: 20 Aug 2012 03:50 PM PDT

Cleveland Indians pitcher Chris Perez sincerely regrets verbally blasting an Oakland A's fan before the game yesterday ... this according to a team rep who tells us the GM has already spoken with Chris about the incident. In case you missed it ...…

Wynonna Judd's Husband -- Leg Amputated After Motorcycle Crash

Posted: 20 Aug 2012 02:22 PM PDT

Wynonna Judd's husband had his left leg amputated following a horrific motorcyle crash in South Dakota this weekend ... TMZ has learned.  Judd's rep tells us ... Michael Scott Moser "severed" his leg in the crash ... and when he was transported…

Junior Seau Autopsy -- No Drugs, No Alcohol in System

Posted: 20 Aug 2012 02:03 PM PDT

Junior Seau was completely sober when he shot himself in the chest back in May ... and his cause of death has been ruled as a suicide ... this according to the San Diego medical examiner. TMZ obtained the autopsy report, filed by Deputy Medical…

Tony Scott -- Photo Shoot at Bridge 2 Years Before Suicide

Posted: 20 Aug 2012 02:01 PM PDT

Tony Scott was no stranger to the area where he committed suicide ... in fact, the "Top Gun" director conducted a photo shoot near the Vincent Thomas Bridge exactly TWO YEARS before his death. TMZ obtained a photo of Tony -- along with four other…

Casey Anthony's Lawyer -- Hired By SECOND 'Dark Knight' Victim

Posted: 20 Aug 2012 02:00 PM PDT

Casey Anthony's old defense attorney is seeing double after the "Dark Knight" massacre in Aurora, CO -- TMZ has learned, Jose Baez has been hired by a second victim of the shooting.41-year-old Marcus Weaver -- whom James Holmes shot twice…

Rosie O'Donnell -- I Had a Secret Heart Attack Last Week

Posted: 20 Aug 2012 01:55 PM PDT

Rosie O'Donnell suffered a major heart attack last week but kept it a secret ... until now, when she revealed the whole scary ordeal on her blog ... as a poem. In a post on Rosie's official blog dated August 20 ... the comedian drops a bombshell…

Joan Rivers -- Phyllis Diller was UNDERAPPRECIATED

Posted: 20 Aug 2012 01:50 PM PDT

Phyllis Diller was way ahead of her time -- so says Joan Rivers, who tells TMZ, Diller didn't get the appreciation she deserved in her prime ... because the 60s sucked for comedy.Rivers -- whom Diller called her "protegee" -- tells us, "The…

TMZ Live: Tony Scott -- Suicide Shocks Hollywood

Posted: 20 Aug 2012 01:00 PM PDT

Tony Scott's suicide stunned celeb friends -- like Tom Cruise -- and also dozens of people who saw him plunge from a bridge. We'll tell you what we learned about Tony's death from law enforcement sources and the witnesses. Plus, Condoleeza Rice…

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